Fun top games

Here are the top fun games we think you should start playing if you want to unwind and let the time fly or for the die-hards, to challenge yourselves and take those skills to another level:

Some of the games we mention will also be available for ios and android platforms as well or one game that always get attention on the online world of playing top games with or without wifi, this one exclusive game that only i want to play despicable rush game online. From bulky units to nice and thin unites that allow us to expect the wonders of this world and enter the gaming reality which takes us new heights in 2018.

  1.   SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Captain Piper Faraday is a pirate who recruits steam-driven robots which can be upgraded and conquers every enemy spaceships. Expect challenges as you get into the game.

Verdict of this addicting game:
This game offers a vast world full of possibilities worth exploring while engagingly battling through difficult levels. Fans of the RPG genre should not miss this game for it offers a modern experience which is especially offered in the portable Switch. One can never go wrong on the immaculate audio-visual design of the game. The player gets to play amid the robots, I think that’s enough to say about this game.

  1. Divinity: Original Sin II

    Platform: PC

    This a sequel to 2014’s Divinity: Original Sin I. Set in the future, the main protagonist is a Sourceror who is capable of drawing power from the Source and can summon inter dimensional monsters Voidwoken in the world of Rivellon. But that’ just start of the story as you battle on its wonderful world.

    The summary above won’t do any good with the very rich and unique and lot plot of this video game. As if this weren’t enough, the game offers difficult tactical combat scenes that hooks every player every campaign. This a game every RPG player shouldn’t miss. A classic that one can not miss.

    1. Persona 5

    Platform PlayStation 4


    The new installment from the Persona series lets you be an urban high school student during the day and be a phantom thief’ at night in the most interesting setting, Tokyo. You’ll be teaming up with other misfits to discover what their Personas will bring them about.

    This is the best experience you won’t want to miss when it comes to Japanese role-playing video games. For die-hard Person fans, there is nothing to fret about since this installment still gives the suspense and jitters but in a grander and enhanced setting. Be engulfed with enjoyable plot and defeat the dark side.

    You will never feel discontented with the glorious extend time to be your Persona.

    1. Super Mario Odyssey Platform: Nintend

      o Switch

    A new style of Mario Sandbox-Style Gameplay comparable to Super Mario 64 and
    Super Mario Sunshine but just in 3D.

    Verdict: Super Mario Odyssey offers nostalgia, the type of nostalgia that encourages you to take the fun on a fresher and a more whimsical setting, especially for the Nintendo lovers.

    The game offers variety and gives you the adventure full of secrets and challenges. The gaming classic Super Mario will still let walk, run, jump and fly to take on another world that offers pure joy and pleasure and other outstanding fun app games to play like Shadow Fight 3, and Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari just to list a few more.

    Sky Zoo iOS App Game

    Sky Zoo iOS Aoo Game

    1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Platform: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo WiiU

    Summary: This is the newest installment from the acclaimed series. It follows the story of a legendary hero Link who explores the ruined Kingdom of Hyrule while battling evil. You are bound to discover the wilderness, solve puzzles, search for special items, hunt beats, and gather food and elixirs for your journey.

    Verdict: The best. This is very different from games that Nintendo makes, it requires strategic gameplay while enjoying the never ending adventure in the fantasy world. With its stunning audiovisuals and its charismatic story, you won’t help but be enthralled and hook to the world inside the game. The game design is marvelous and wouldn’t ever think of putting down that console once you’ve played it. It sets the standards very high for open world type game for any kind of gamers out there. Breath of the Wild won several Game of the Year Awards and has gained a lot of positive reviews from famous gaming review sites which it properly deserves.